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extraction du jus de l'olive

Discover our production method

Olive oil: the last fruit juice of the year, and 100% natural!

For millennia, it has been thus: we crush and we grind olives to extract the oil, its fruit juice.
Only the machinery has evolved, changing the appearance of the mill, but without changing its soul, and even less that of the miller.

The course of the seasons

In winter, the cold spells favour future flowering.

By spring, the rains boost new growth and bring out the flowers. After flowering, small olives emerge.This period is called fruit setting.

The sun of summer fattens up the olives, which fill with oil, helped by the soil on which the olive tree grows.

It is autumn alone that decides, with either rainfall or beneficial drought, the density of the oil in the olives. This is what triggers ripening, a period when the colour of the olives transitions from green to red, to maroon, then black, with the approach of the month of November and the winter once more.

The return of winter announces the olive harvest for oil. For the Charterhouse Mill, the harvest usually takes place in the month of November, in order to retain its intense fruitiness, before the first frosts of winter.

Pressing the Olives

All the olives are selected in partnership with our suppliers. Over 2,000 olive growers place their trust in us each year.

Produced between the end of October and beginning of December, the olive oils of the Charterhouse Mill are extra virgin cold-pressed and unfiltered, in order to enhance their healthy polyphenol content.

The Charterhouse Mill runs a continuous production line that conforms to the latest European regulations.