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traditional stained glass leaves and olive oil

A centennial heritage


We are in the fourteenth century, in 1358, when the Popes were resident in Avignon during the Great Schism in Europe.

Pope Innocent VI gave his blessing to the Carthusian Order to settle in Villeneuve-lez- Avignon. The Carthusian Fathers built the Chartreuse du Val de Bénédiction and surrounded it with a wall to protect part of their orchard, their windmill and… their olive oil mill.

For more than 650 years the Charterhouse Mill has operated continuously, save during the French Revolution: at that time, the church lands were confiscated and production interrupted for some twenty years, before starting again in private hands. The Charterhouse Mill is thus one of the oldest working mills in France and was declared a historical monument in 2009.



Managed successively by the David, Canonge and Bertaud families, it was upon the retirement of the latter that Philippe Bronzini took over the Charterhouse Mill in June 2008.

Passionate about olive oil and olive trees, Philippe Bronzini breathed new life into the Mill, modernising it and developing new cuvées, each with their own subtleties and flavours.

Adjacent to the Mill, located in the vaulted rooms of the Charterhouse’s former kitchens and stables, the Mill Stores, beside the Extra Virgin Olive Oils, a selection of regional products, decorative objects, accessories and cosmetics.

Every day, guided tours and tastings are organised at the Charterhouse Mill.


Awarded Tourisme Sud de France and Qualité Tourisme quality labels, the Charterhouse Mill guarantees a personalised welcome by skilled professionals, quality services and a range of products rooted in local tradition. Accessibility for visitors with disabilities has been provided.